The free and independent App that reports any damage to any insurance company by filling in and sending the relevant form/s on your behalf.

A car crash? A leak at home? A fire on board your boat?
You now have Claider, the first App designed to report any kind of damage affecting you, to any Insurance company. Claider is independent and at your disposal.
It doesn’t have any ties to any companies and doesn’t try to sell you anything. Claider assists you in correctly drawing up the notice of the insurance claim in just a few intuitive steps.
It draws your attention to the most important things in any situation. It helps you to provide the best evidence and photos of any type of damage.
Then it sends the claim directly to your insurer. No more doubts, no more mistakes in the claim for damages, no more paperwork and waste of time: Claider draws up the perfect claim on your behalf and it will get you the due compensation based on your insurance policy as soon as possible.

The free and independent App that reports any damage to any insurance company

It provides you complete descriptions of the damage already precompilate
The free and independent App that reports any damage to any insurance company

With one finger create the left scenery
The free and independent App that reports any damage to any insurance company

Guide you to shoot all necessary photos
The free and independent App that reports any damage to any insurance company

It writes for you and sends the perfect claim

More than 100 damage Sceneries(*)


Always by your side, whatever the damage.


Just a few clicks
and photos.


It draws up the perfect claim
and sends it on your behalf.


It works with all your insurance
policies and with any insurer.

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Any damage

any damage
Claider is with you when you need it. It assists you in any situation, when the damage occurs, for all your insurance policies, whatever the Insurance Company. And what if you have more than one insurer? No problem!

Everything in one app

everything in one app
Claider saves you time. You can report your damage with your finger on your smartphone. Claider will remind you of the deadlines for your documents and insurance policies. You will be communicating directly with your insurers and asking them for customized estimates for the new insurance policies.

The perfect report

The perfect report
Don’t know how to proceed? Claider will do it all. It will be your personal expert. It will assist and advise you, step by step, on the fundamental and important phases. It will then write the perfect report on your behalf and send it directly to your insurance company. It is simple and intuitive. It even works without network coverage.

At your disposal

At your disposal
The pleasure of simplification. Claider finally makes everything easier and intuitive. The details in the damage-reporting procedures, required by different insurance policies of any insurance company, become easier and accessible to everybody.

Legal value

Legal Value
Before the end of the year, the photos taken through Claider will be legally effective, which is an important starting point for your perfect claim for damages, considering the subsequent procedures for assessment of the damage by the insurance company following your claim.

Reporting an accident in a few clicks

Claim in a few click
Claider enables you to immediately report any damage. As soon as you have downloaded the App, please immediately enter both your personal data and the data of all your current insurance policies (car, motorbike, firm…). In doing so, you won’t have to do it when damage occurs, and Claider will be ready for use straightaway, ready to report an accident.

Download the app from the android and apple stores. It’s free!

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Claider in a few words

It assists you when damage occurs

A car crash? Damaged boat? A water leakage at home? A ruined holiday? Do you want to apply for a refund of your medical expenses but you don’t know how to do that? No worries, Claider is all you need.

It writes the relevant data for you, you only have to take photos (Available by the end of 2018)

As soon as you register with Claider, please ask your insurer to enter their data. Or you can take a photo of your insurance policies and documents through the App. By means of the optic capture, they will be immediately read and uploaded. Even upon occurrence of an accident, it won’t be necessary to write the other driver’s data. A photo will be enough.

It reminds you of deadlines

Do you remember when your driving license is going to expire? And what about your home insurance policy? And when is the next MOT due on your car? And what about your scooter’s insurance policy? Claider notifies you in advance of major deadlines to make sure that you never find yourself in difficulty with last-minute paperwork! No more hassle!

  • It assists you when damage occurs
  • It writes the relevant data for you, you only have to take photos
  • It reminds you of deadlines
  • Quick quotes
  • It will assist you in all situations
  • It sends the claim for damage on your behalf

Quick quotes

Do you want to speed up your insurer’s response? Do you want to receive customised estimates? Claider suggests what information and documents you need to provide for the quickest estimates. And you can directly send them from your smartphone. Little is enough to get the most.

It will assist you in all situations

You can report over 100 types of damage by taking advantage of the explanatory tutorial videos that suggest what is most important for evidentiary purposes, what photos should be taken and what details should be focused on. With Claider, reporting is easy and intuitive. All you need is a smartphone and a few clicks.

It sends the claim for damage on your behalf

Claider will assist you throughout the damage-claiming process. You simply have to select the relevant ready-made options and check them all out before the app sends the report to your insurer, as well as copies to other affected parties, if any. Forget about filling in the forms of the agreed statement of facts on motor vehicle accident by hand on the car bonnet. No more paperwork. We now have Claider.

Claider is also fun. have a look at the multimedia section and find Ringtones For your smartphone.

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