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Say goodbye to paperwork and application forms, Claider is now in charge of submitting the claim.

In case of damage, you can either keep filling in forms, making phone calls for assistance, sending emails and retrieving documents (by the way, do you remember where you put them?) or simply use your smartphone. The App helps you, guides you step by step, holding your hand, or rather … your thumb, from the beginning, right to the end of the damage-claiming process.
Just a few minutes after the damage has occurred, you will have done all that you needed to do. And in the easiest possible way.
Remember, you can ask each and every one of your different insurers to enter your separate policies.

it reminds you of deadlines.

Do you remember when your driving license is going to expire? And what about your home insurance policy? And when is the next MOT due on your car? And what about your scooter’s insurance policy? Claider notifies you in advance of major deadlines to make sure that you never find yourself in difficulty with last-minute paperwork! No more hassle!

tutto in una App

immediate quotes for insurance policies.

Do you want quick answers from your insurer(s)? Do you need customised estimates? Claider allows you to take photos of the documents required for each type of estimate and then sends them directly to your insurer from your smartphone. Just a little effort for a big result.

and the knock-for-knock agreement?

Whether the damage is from a car crash or from any other accident, you won’t have to draw up any knock-for-knock agreement, letters or emails to report it. Claider will do it for you, quickly and effectively, based on the relevant insurance policy, in order to get fair compensation for damages.

and, in case of accident, what happens if only i have Claider?

No problem. In fact:
a) if both parties have the app, it is particularly easy to report the damage. Simply exchanging an authorisation code in order for both the insurance policies and the report to be shared. By the end of Summer 2018, a special function will be available, further speeding up your agreed statement of facts on motor vehicle accident.
b) if only one user has Claider, it will draw up the statement and email it to both you and the other person involved in the accident: who will also be able to send it to his/her own insurer.

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Claider is a free App. Now find out how to use it.

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