At your disposal

At your disposal

Claider is a simple and intuitive tool, enabling you to find quick solutions in a complex subject-matter.

Everybody will be enabled to easily tackle stressful situations by drawing up claims and then sending the claims for damages. Even if you have several insurance policies with several different insurance companies and insurers, one single App will be manage them all.

Claider helps both you and your insurer.

The App has been designed to simplify the drawing-up of the accident report submitted immediately after suffering damage and is independent from any single insurance company; it therefore supports both the end user and the insurer undersigning your insurance policy, as well as the company issuing the same insurance policy. Everybody will benefit from effective, prompt, precise, legible and complete reports of damage. Claider also reports damages with no or unclear references, relevant authorities, coverage or insurance policy. Has your car ever been damaged by a pothole? Claider will guide you to reporting the damage to the relevant authority. Have you ever suffered damage that was not your fault or as a result of a dangerous situation caused by somebody else? Has an acquaintance of yours unintentionally damaged one of your assets? Ask them whether you can take a photo or their insurance policy. Claider will report the damage to the insurance company for both of you.

Claider recommends: have you suffered damage and don’t know how to notify Claider? No worries, you can however report your loss: just explain what happened to you in detail, including the location of the accident. Fill in the blanks designed for descriptions from the scenarios of damage.
Claider is a free App. It can be downloaded from Android and Apple stores.

Claider is a free App. Now find out how to use it!

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