All in one App

In a nutshell, what Claider does for you.

1. Write the perfect claim, SEE HOW
2. It is a virtual folder for your personal documents, policies and claims
3. Receive notification messages of the status of your claim from your insurer
4. Fills out the ‘European Accident Statement’ form automatically and saves as a PDF
5. Compiles claims reports for damage at home, loss of baggage and any other claim as a PDF.
6. Digital signatures are inserted on the ‘European Accident Statement’ form
7. The APP even works without a mobile network. The report will be sent as soon as the connection is restored.

tutto in una App

Today there are two ways to report damage. The Traditional way: you fill in forms, call for assistance, send emails and retrieve all your documents (by the way, do you remember where you put them?). Or the Digital way: All you need is your smartphone loaded with Claider. The application literally takes you by the hand, or rather by your finger, from the beginning to the end of the claim. Once you have downloaded the app, enter your personal details immediately and create your profile. Then enter all the insurance policies and fill in the details one by one in the “My policies” section. In a few moments, you’re ready to go.

What if I don’t want to waste time uploading data?

Your insurer can do it for you. However, they must first register with Claider ( App plus CRM ClaiderNET). Invite them to find out more by clicking “Invite insurer”.

What about the ‘European Accident Statement’ form?

In the event of a traffic accident, it is no longer necessary to fill in the ‘European Accident Statement’. Claider does it quickly and effectively, in accordance with the policy stipulated, to get you the right compensation for your claim.

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Download the App from the Android and Apple stores. It’s free.

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