Any claim

Any Claim, As and when it occurs.

At home, on the street, at sea. in your car. If you need to claim for yourself or your company, Claider is there to assist and guide you. For every situation it gives you dedicated and personalised suggestions, there are more than 1600 in-app help windows. It’s always ready and there when you need it most.

It’s objective is to get you the right compensation in a timely manner.

App Claider is free. Download it directly to your smartphone from Google Play or the App Store and subscribe to the service. Once you have downloaded the App why not invite your insurer. Once they have signed up to Claider, they can load your profile with your policy’s data.

Claider Reporting any Damage

The App has already prepared more than 140 incident scenarios (with situations and details for each circumstance). Each scenario suggests which photos are the best to take and from which angles. Also, which documents to attach to the report and the value of any damaged goods. In the end, it writes for you the perfect claim. You do not even have to worry about sending it to the insurer as the App does this, as soon as you give it the ok. Just “Tap and Claim”.

Claider recommends: reporting loss or damage with Claider is simple. From the “Claims” menu select the claims type and choose from the list of scenarios. Continue by following the instructions and submit your claim. That’s all.

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