1) How much does the Claider App cost?
Nothing. The Claider App is free. There are no additional costs or in-app purchases once installed.
2) Where can I download the application?
You can download the Claider App from Google Play and Apple Store.
3) On which devices can I use it?
The App is compatible with smartphones, Android and iOs systems.
4) How can I register?
Registration is easy. It only requires an ID Card. In order to complete your profile, please enter the data of all your insurance policies, so that Claider may be ready when needed.
5) If I do not have the policy and my documents ready to hand, can I still register?
Yes, you can complete your profile later.
6) Can I use Claider abroad?
Of course, Claider can geolocate you wherever you are.
7) What should I do if I can’t remember my password?
You can retrieve your password by clicking on “recover password” on the logging screen of the App or by going to the website My Claider

1) How can Claider ensure my privacy and keep my data safe?
We know that safety and privacy are important to you, just as they are to us. It is paramount for us to ensure the highest safety and to assure you that your information is safe and accessible to you whenever needed. So much so that since the beginning we have implemented the European legislation for data processing, GDPR. We are constantly working to ensure high levels of safety, protect your privacy and make Claider increasingly effective and efficient for you. To find out what measures we take to protect your personal data, go to the Privacy and Cookie Information page.
2) Can I change my profile and my policies?
Yes, you can do it at any time. Access your profile or list of policies and edit the information.
3) Can I enter the data and insurance policies at different times?
Sure. You can insert your personal data and insurance policies from the very beginning, in order to have Claider ready for any event. Or you can even upload the relevant insurance policies at the very moment when the damage occurs. If you don’t want to do it, you can ask your insurer to upload your insurance policies. They will need to connect to ClaiderNET management system. You can send them info about ClaiderNET by clicking on “Invite your insurer”.
4) Can I use the Claider App even if I have policies with different insurers?
If your policies are stipulated with more insurers, ask each of them to upload your policies on your behalf. Claider allows you to manage the policies for any company. If your insurer is not connected to Claider, you can send them info about ClaiderNET by clicking on “Invite your insurer” then enter their number or email to forward the invitation.
5) Can I share Claider with my friends?
Yes, with the “share Claider” button you can invite your friends to try Claider.
6) Can I share Claiders on social networks?
Yes, you can share Claiders on Social Networks using the “share Claider” button.

1) If I do not have the policy documents to hand, can I still report and send the claim?
You can do this only if you are submitting a claim for the responsibility of a public or private authority. For all other claims, the system does not allow you to continue if you do not fill out the essential data of the policy..
2) What type and how many incidents can I report?
There are currently more than 140 claim scenarios and there is no limit to the number of claims that can be managed by Claider.
3) Can I manually enter the street name in the map if I do not have the location enabled on my phone?
Yes, you can write it in the relevant text field below the map.
4) If the damage occurred at a different time to what is stated on the claim, can I change it?
You can change the date and time of the damage when you are in the process of compiling the claim, but not after
5) Can I report a claim for another person?
If you have an insured person’s login credentials, you can log in with their details and make a claim. If the policyholder does not yet have a Claider profile, you can create one for them and proceed with the claim.
6) Can I report a claim without the information from the other party’s policy?
No, for the moment Claider does not allow you to complete a claim for a road accident if you do not have the policy of the other vehicle involved. We are working to enable a feature where you can get their details with only the license plate number.
7) Can I report a claim on my smartphone even if the counterparty does not have the Claider App?
Yes, you can make the claim via your Claider App. Enter where required all the data of the other party, including the correct email address. Claider will send them a copy of the claim report.
8) Can I send any accident statement form even if the counterparty has not signed my copy?
The accident statement form can be used as a notice of claim for damage even if it bears only one signature, but, if signed by both drivers, it can reduce the waiting time for the insurance company’s proposal for compensation for material damages, from 60 days to 30. It is therefore advisable, when possible, to fill in the accident statement form with the driver of the other vehicle. This will speed up the compensatory procedures and avoid petty inconveniences.
9) Why is the signature made with the finger on Claider similar to the pen on the CID paper?
The signature affixed to the CID model via smartphone is equivalent to an electronic signature (Article 3 of the EU Regulation No. 910/2014, c.d. eIDAS Regulations). According to the Regulation, the signature has a legal effect equivalent to that of the autograph signature (i.e. the traditional signature on the paper document). Therefore, the digital-friendly form can be considered to have the written requirement and from an evidential point of view can be assessed by the judicial authority.
10) Can I receive updates about the progress of my claim through the App?
Yes, Claider will be keeping you informed of your claim’s status via the “instant messaging”. Please have a look at the dedicated section within your “profile”.
11) Can I upload existing photos from my photo gallery?
Yes, but they will have no legal value. By the end of 2018, a function will be available enabling you to add legal value to any photos taken through the Claider App. In addition, any photos taken with no data connection will have no legal value.
12) After sending my claim to my insurer, I realised I had made some mistakes. Can I amend it after sending it?
It’s not possible to amend your claim after you have sent it, but you can make a new claim and send it to them. You will need to inform your insurer that you have done so.
13) Can I get access through the web to the report created by my App through the web?
Yes, you can access it through the website https://my.claider.net by using the same credentials you use for the mobile App.

1) Can I contact my insurer through the App?
From the end of 2018, You will be able to communicate with your insurer through the instant messaging function accessible. Which will be located in the “my policies”, section. In doing so, you will receive various in-app messages (accident reference number, assessor’s name and loss adjuster’s name, accident outcome) sent by your insurer. You can see and read them in the section called “notifications”.
2) My insurer doesn’t know Claider. How can I ask them to upload my data and handle my insurance policies and claims through the app?
You can simply invite them by clicking on the button “Invite insurer”, they will immediately receive your request with a link to the App and ClaiderNet site where they can find more information about our services.
3) I received a text message from my insurer. What should I do?
Simple: read it and follow the instructions. You will receive the App already loaded with your data.
4) I received a text message from my insurer, but I have already downloaded the app.
When you open your profile your details will be the same. If you have already updated your policy documents, then there may be a change that they appear twice. If this is the case contact your insurance provider and they will resolve this issue for you.

1) If I uninstall the App, will my data be lost?
No, you will still be able to log in by using your credentials on any other device and retrieve all the data you have entered.
2) Does my App work offline?
Yes, if you are a registered user and have logged in to Claider before getting disconnecting.
The App will store all the data of the claim you have entered even if there is no network coverage and once the connection is restored it will automatically send the claim. In this case, however, photos taken with Claider will have no legal value.
3) Will my mobile phone retain the photos of documents taken by me?
Yes. Claider will save all the documents in your smartphone’s photo gallery.