Global Building Policies Management

Reporting damage to the condominium can now be done with Claider.

The policy can be stipulated by the Administrator in order to protect and compensate both damages to the common areas of the building and damage to private homes. Generally, fires are included, but the clauses also extend to damage to the water supply, breakage of slabs and solar panels and troubleshooting other issues. The news is that from today if your condominium has a policy you can upload it to your App and make any type of claim immediately available to the Administrator.

How does it work?

The claims process is the same as the home insurance policies. Indicate the policy involved, select the items, follow the suggestions in the App until you reach the end of the claim report and send it to your Administrator.

Warning: the policy is available in the App only if the Administrator is directly in charge of them. if they are not Invite them to check out the app. It’s an advantage for you and for them.

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