Legal Value

Legal Value

Legal Value

All photos of damaged assets taken by you through claider will have legal value.

Claider can provide legally enforceable documents acknowledged as evidence for possible legal action. The photos of the damages and of the documents regarding the damaged assets are made unalterable by the App as well as legally ascribable to their author only.

Each photo, if taken through Claider under network coverage, will be kept and guaranteed untampered from when it was taken until its possible use in Court.

Their placement in time (so-called true date) and geo-location, at the very moment when the photos were taken by smartphone, are also guaranteed. The resulting photographic documents provided through Claider will therefore have full evidentiary value before any Court under art. 21, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree 82/2005, in consideration of their objective features such as quality, safety, integrity and unalterableness.

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