Any Damage

Any Damage. At the very moment of the damage.

Any Damage

At home, in the street, at sea. While driving your own vehicle or somebody else’s. Whether you are personally involved or have to report damage suffered by your firm, Claider will assist and guide you in a precise, quick and effective way, in any situation for any kind of insurance policy issued by any and all insurance companies. In any situation, at all times, Claider will have advice for you. And it is dedicated, tailor-made advice that is available right there for you when the damage occurs, when the difficulty arises.
It is with you when you need it.

Claider is a free App. Please download it on your smartphone from Google Play or App Store and subscribe to the service.

Claider will assist you, step by step.

It will propose you some simple pre-completed forms, which summarise various situations and details for all kinds of damage. You only have to choose. It will assist you in any situation and guide you to taking photos of the most important things as evidence for that particular incident. It will also suggest what documents are appropriate for the due assessment of your damaged assets. It will finally writes the perfect claim on your behalf. You won’t even have to send it to the insurance company: Claider will do it for you as soon as you click “OK”.

An example – In case of car crash:

Do you remember how long it takes to fill in carbon-paper forms on the car bonnet? Well, that will soon be only a distant memory.
Claider asks you for the necessary information; it assists you in providing evidence through correct photos; it fills in the form of the agreed statement of facts on the motor vehicle accident on your behalf and it shows it, ready and waiting, to you on the App. One simple final click will allow Claider to send it to your insurer.

And what if you have more than one insurer?

No problem! It will separately send each and every notice of claim to each and every one of your insurers. The broker, insurance agent or company who directly sold the insurance policy to you are all connected to you. Please enter you data, upload your insurance policies, and you will be communicating separately with each of them. You can directly send your claims and apply for estimates for new insurance policies by communicating with them through the messaging section within Claider.

And what about uploading the personal data and insurance policies?

As soon as you have downloaded the App, please enter your personal data straightaway and set up your own profile. Then gather all your insurance policies and insert the details, one by one, into the “insurance policies” section.
Claider will therefore be ready to help you in case of damage, and you will be able to report any damage in no time.
You can even ask any insurer who sold you an insurance policy to do it on your behalf.
This is how: enter your insurer’s data on the App and send them a request for connection between you and them.
Now your profile can be personalized based on all your data.

The same can be done, of course, with different insurance policies and different insurers. Claider is independent and therefore deals equally with any insurance company and any insurance broker.

Claider for the whole family

Is your car insurance policy registered in your name, whereas the car is owned by your partner and driven by your son? Well, Claider is designed to assist you in this situation, too.
If you are a contracting party to the insurance policy, please download the App as soon as possible; while entering your insurance policy’s data, please specify whether the car owner and driver is anybody other than yourself and add their personal data. Now invite your family members to download the App and to get registered for free. They will only have to enter their own personal data (fully corresponding to those entered by you on their behalf on ‘your’ Claider), and they will see your car insurance policy appear on their profile. In case of damage, they can report the damage through their own App without you having to do it for them.
It is easy, isn’t it?

Claider recommends that you : ask your insurer to upload your insurance policies and invite them to connect to you on Claider. Click on ”Invite an insurer” and email or text him the link with your invitation to register to Claider.

Download the App from the Android and Apple stores. It is free of charge!

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