The perfect claim

The perfect claim.

Even without network coverage, Claider will briefly show you, step by step, how to properly report any damages covered by an insurance policy, by simply using your smartphone. You won’t need anything else.

This is how.

Claider will assist you from the very beginning. At every stage of the damage-claiming process, advice will be given to you, until the process is perfectly completed.

In case of damage:
1) please select the relevant type of damage from the pre-written answers; you only have to choose.
2) The map, place, time and day of the event are automatic.
3) Choose the type of damage and the underlying situation from the ready-made options.
4) Unless you or your insurer had already done it upon registration, please now add your insurance policy data and your personal documents by simply taking photos of them. They are the documents necessary for an official claim.
5) you can enter the data concerning the people involved, including the injured people as well as the witnesses, by taking a photo of their respective IDs.
6) Please select what has been damaged and the details of the damages. They are already listed and ready. You only have to select.
7) The App recommends the most appropriate photos for each and every type of damage.
8) The App will show you a summary of the notice of claim. As soon as you have checked it, off it goes! The perfect report is already in your insurer’s hands.

And what if there is no insurance policy?

Claider enables you to report a damage having no or unknown insurance policy, when you don’t know the person to whom it may concern. For example, should you hit a pothole on the road or an asset of yours be damaged by somebody else, Claider will draw up the claim and then tell you where to send it.

Claider recommends: it is easy to claim damages with Claider! Within the menu “report a damage”, please select the damaged asset and then the type of damage that has occurred. Proceed according to the tutorial and send your claim. It is easy, isn’t it?

Claider always thinks about your priorities.

In any accident and in any situation, Claider draws your attention to the most important details for the relevant claim and leads you to collect as much information, and as many pictures and documents as possible for a complete and effective claim for damages.
Please note: any inaccurate or incomplete report of damage can mean longer waiting times, more paperwork with different people and a final partial compensation, namely only a portion of what is actually owed to you.

And what if there is no mobile network coverage? The App assists you wherever you are. As usual, you have to draw up the report of damage and then, as soon as internet connection is available, Claider will send all of the necessary information to your insurer.

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