Your report of damage ready after just a few clicks

Download Claider now and enter your personal data and insurance policies entered into by, and between, you and your insurer for your assets.

Your report of damage ready after just a few clicks

It is easy: after a few clicks following a few simple tutorials, you will have set up your personal profile with all the necessary information needed to properly report any damage, so, at the very moment you are dealing with damage, the App is immediately ready for you to use.

AHaving collected your data, Claider speeds up the damage-claiming process and sends the notice of claim with no need for paperwork or any slower and less accessible transmission methods. The report will be complete and your insurer will be notified very quickly. One click, and that’s all.

Claider recommends: if you don’t want to fill in your personal data and insurance policy data by hand, just take a photo and automatically upload your information onto Claider. It’s much faster.

Try Claider for free. It is available for both Android and iOS systems!

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