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Claider offers phenomenal advantages for policyholders and claims professionals. Here’s why:


From the insured to the company, the intermediary to the loss adjuster, the fleet manager to the building administrator.


The detail is in the digital – live connections between all involved ensure all necessary claims data gets to where it needs to be


Resolve claims in 3 days instead of 30* thanks to a simplified digital claims process which connects all those involved from beginning to end


Claiming at scene of incident means instant communication with insurer and more accurate details to support claim

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Latest news

5 November 2019

The Claider paraglider will be landing at the Web Summit in Lisbon

For the last nine years, innovation has had a home at the Web Summit. This year we are here, too. […]

4 November 2019, New digital claims site for the insured and the insurer

From today, those seeking insights into apps and platform dedicated to Digital Claims now have a reliable reference for PC’s, […]

24 October 2019

Office opening party

Our new address is Viale Majno, 23 Many guests and friends celebrated with us at the opening party of the […]

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