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Claider offers phenomenal advantages for policyholders and claims professionals. Here’s why:


From the insured to the company, the intermediary to the loss adjuster, the fleet manager to the building administrator.


The detail is in the digital – live connections between all involved ensure all necessary claims data gets to where it needs to be


Resolve claims in 3 days instead of 30* thanks to a simplified digital claims process which connects all those involved from beginning to end


Claiming at scene of incident means instant communication with insurer and more accurate details to support claim

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Are you an insurance professional? Do you want to switch to a more effective way to manage claims?

Latest news

13 January 2020

Vive la France! On the 28th of January, Claider will be introduced to the French market as we take part in the Paris Fintech Forum 2020.

France and Italy. Two insurance markets that have a lot in common, but also some significant differences. One thing is […]

18 December 2019

New Partnership with Claider – De Besi Di Giacomo

The renowned insurance broker has chosen Claider for the digitisation of home, car and other policies.   The partner – […]

5 November 2019

The Claider paraglider will be landing at the Web Summit in Lisbon

For the last nine years, innovation has had a home at the Web Summit. This year we are here, too. […]

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