24 January 2020 /

Claider is among one of the 10 choose insurtech startups at the forefront of offering agile insurance technology solution helping to move companies and professionals to the era of Digital Technology. According to CIO Outlook:

To be part of the Top Ten is more than satisfying, especially in the growing insurtech industry.



The reason why the Digital Claim platform deserved this prestigious report, together with nine others, is because they address the three must-haves, the fundamental characteristics that new solutions must possess in order to be successfully accepted by insurance companies and bring added value.

Consumer expectation.  The insured is the starting point. Their needs, requests are the engine that activates any innovative project.

Cost-efficientCost control and optimisation of less profitable and time-consuming duties are essential.

Operational excellenceEmbracing certain principles and tools to create workable improvements within existing systems and procedures. Achieving and seeing the flow and value to the customers.

Customer-centric, cost savings and agile technology that propose the first solution for fully digital management of claims, from reporting to closing.

At the service of professionals, policyholders and companies. 


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