4 November 2019 /
SHARE, New digital claims site for the insured and the insurer

From today, those seeking insights into apps and platform dedicated to Digital Claims now have a reliable reference for PC’s, smartphones and tablets.

Clarity, simplicity, utility and accessibility. These are the characteristics we appreciate in a website. So they are the vital criteria we have followed to revamp What’s new? Both the insured and businesses can now find everything on one site. We have collected and analysed the requests and feedback given by our users and we have completely redesigned the look and feel of our new site. 

Our objective: Improve and renew the user experience.

What has changed, and why is it better? The three fundamental points are usability, mobility, internationality.

Usability – for all professionals in the field and policyholder

Our solution for fully digital claims management helps connect brokers, agents, appraisers, businesses, condominium administrators and car fleet managers with each other, as well as the insured. For each and every one of these users, we have created individual profile and an ad hoc navigation path. Result: easily search the content and find what is relevant to your needs.

Mobility – use Claider anytime, anywhere 

We have rethought the design to make it easily readable even on mobile devices while you’re on the move.

Internationality: English, Italian, French and German for a site without borders

Internationalisation is a commercial goal of Claider. The site already offers Italian and English. Coming soon: French and German versions.

Is everything new in No, the illustrations of our superhero Claudio remain the same.

Claudio is one of us. As we grapple with new digital technology, he shows us how easy it is to move to an entirely digital claim. And also just how useful it is to have the app ready for any possible scenario.

Happy surfing!


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