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Is Europe becoming more digital? Let us take France as an example.

The human touch.

the relationships with the client remains the most important aspect.
The French insurance market has a lot in common with the UK and Italian market. Particularly on distribution, which is mainly carried out by intermediaries. In France, the Brokers are the lead players of the insurance market, in terms of numbers they are four times more present than the representatives in Italy.

How satisfied are the French with their insurance?

The majority of policyholders consider that the service offered is appropriate for their needs. According to a Deloitte study, in 2019, 79% of policyholders said they were satisfied with their main insurance, and 77% would recommend it to their friends. Their loyalty to their insurer is also high. More than half of those questioned have had their car and home insurance policy for more than ten years, and only 11% of them plan to change their contract in the next six months.

How can digital fit into a traditional relationship, and what part will it play?

Contrary to the preconception, innovation and technology are welcome in the insured/insurer relationship, as long as it includes the human aspect. As you can see, the data is encouraging. While 29% of operations (of all types) still take place face-to-face and 28% by phone. The digital channel (which includes email, website and mobile application) is the preferred method for sending documents and when it comes to making a claim 40% of policyholders already favour this channel. More than 2 in 3 policyholders say they are ready to report and manage their claims 100% online. The French are therefore generally inclined to use new technologies in the insurance sector, whether for the management of current operations or for claims if it meets these three requirements:

  • immediacy
  • autonomy
  • simplicity

The quality of service is more important than performance, especially in terms of the user experience.

What channel is used the most in the event of a claim?

The traditional methods (face-to-face or by phone) are still the most used channels, but the digital claims report is also increasing. Currently, only 14% of car accidents have been generated digitally, 53% have used digital damage tracking to follow their claim, an increase of 6% compared to 2017.


In summary, let us remember above all that the French insured wants the freedom to use the contact channel, via traditional or digital means and the freedom to make a claim via smartphone, while maintaining a human relationship with the insurer.

Claider editorial team


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