18 December 2019 /

New Partnership with Claider – De Besi Di Giacomo

The renowned insurance broker has chosen Claider for the digitisation of home, car and other policies.


The partner – De Besi Di Giacomo is a renowned insurance broker. Active since 1959, they have offices in Rome and Milan and consolidated international experience (WBN network). They are one of the oldest Coverholder of Lloyd’s of London.

The request – Digitise the management of claim for car and personal policies, activate a dedicated communications platform with the customers.

The goal –
To offer customers a service of excellence, which is the tradition of DBDG, thanks to the new technological innovation. Today the digitalisation is aimed at the customer. Shortly, it will also involve the corporate sector.

Why Claider? –
The top insurance broker was looking for a leading company,  an owner of a cutting-edge tech solution and based on excellent customer care, able to develop a concrete working tool for its customers.

The solution –
Through a two-way exchange of data between respective management systems and the app which is customised with the DBDG logo, the group has now switched to digital claims.

Digital Claim means sharing ideas!


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