12 February 2020 /

New Partnership with Sabi Broker-Claider

The dynamic insurance Intermediary based in the south of Italy has chosen Claider for the digitalisation of Motor policies.


The partner – SABI Broker is an insurance brokerage company active since 2015 the headquarters is based in Ostuni. They collaborate with a large group of affiliated body shops linked to Apulia Car Service consortium.

The request – Digitise the management of claims for motor policies by involving the bodywork consortium and the network of subagents throughout the Puglia Region.

The goal – The adoption of the digital platform allows control over every aspect of customer service, providing a complete cycle: from the policy to claims management and from repair to the mobility service.

Why Claider? – The broker Antonio Tarì wanted a digital solution from an insurTech company to optimize the operations of its partners.

The solution – Sabi uses a SHARE * management system. This has favoured the bi-directional exchange of data between management systems to move smoothly to the digital management of claims.

Digital Claim means sharing ideas!


* SHARE is an Association Software House Insurance Networks, our partner


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