The Claider solution for

(active in 2020)


Simplifying, digitising and accelerating the entire insurance claims process.

Claider’s Tap and Claim process guides you and your residents through completing and submitting a clear and complete, fully digital claim ready for you to simply check, Click & Report.

Digitised real-time claims are instantly sent to your web platform where you can easily manage and complete claims, as well as communicate and follow up directly with your residents and insurance professionals in order to reach a settlement as quickly as possible.

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Switching to Claider is advantageous for all administrators who aim to optimize operations:


Submit a claim to your insurer in no time

Digitise the management

Receive claims directly and avoid any delays

Condominium experience

It becomes an integral part of living in a condominium

Something old something new

Integrate claims completed by Claider into your existing management system.

Your pocket office

Use on the go wherever you are

Increases loyalty

The app as a marketing tool: an innovative service that sets you apart

No more bureaucracy

No ‘paperwork’; no paper waste

No hidden costs

The management of all residents in one online subscription

The Claider Solution

Out with the paper claims, in with the digital.

for your Residents

Tap & claim

for You

Web platform with data integration into your existing management systems

App features

Claider for your residents is like having you by their side anytime, anywhere.

Available for any type of claim (currently of 140 scenarios)

Completes the best possible claim
(Claim settlement required)

Claim in real-time anytime, anywhere

Over 1600 tips to guide your residents step by step through any claim

Notifications of policy and document expiration

Helps your residents take the best possible photos to be used as proof

Remote evaluation of damages via an in-app video appraisal function

Direct messaging between you and your building manager and the insurer

Allows changes to data in real-time

Platform features

By going digital, you optimise the claims process. Less bureaucracy, more immediate communications with all parties involved

Invite your insured residents to download the app personalised with your logo

It has a digital archive with immediate access to data

Receives digital claims data

Organises policies with detailed lists and ad hoc search filters

It connects directly to your management system via API exchange

Real-time messaging with both your residents and your insurer

Direct connection to
all professionals (expert, administrator…)

It manages the follow-up of the claims with requests for documents and additional photos

A map which clearly highlights incidents and analyses statistics

Possibility of video inspection

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