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The app that writes and sends any insurance claim for you.

Have you had a car accident or lost your luggage? What about a leak at home or even a fire on board your boat?

Make any claim instantly by downloading the app on any mobile device. Follow a few simple guided steps and Claider will write and send the perfect claim to your insurer. 

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Wherever you are in the world when an incident occurs, Claider’s ready to help.

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Make any claim

Use Claider to make any claim on any policy provided by any insurer.


No more emails, no more filling in forms and no more call centres.

Fast-track compensation

The perfect claim means you get faster compensation

No signal? No problem.

The Claider app safely saves your claim ready to be sent when you are back online.

App features

See how your app helps and guides you through completing the best possible claim

Puts you in control of your claim

Receive direct notifications
from your insurer

One single app for all of your policies

Includes more than 140 claim scenarios

Notifies you if policies or personal documents are soon to expire

Over 1600 tips to guide you step by step through any claim

Helps you take the best possible photos to be used as evidence

Every claim is automatically geotagged via your device’s GPS

Live video damage assessment and estimation function

Automatic completion of compulsory European Accident Statement form if driving in EU

How the Claider app works

Four simple steps:


Select a pre-filled claim scenario


Take the photo that Claider suggests


Click, and your claim will be sent to your insurer.


Communicate with your insurer and follow the course of your claim

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See how easy it is to report an accident or water at home using Claider.


The smartest way to get Claider on your mobile device is to have your insurer upload your data and policies so it is immediately ready for your use. Invite your insurer to Claider to share the benefits of digital claims, and much more.


To register, download Claider, create a profile and enter your personal and policy details. It’s 100% free!