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Simplifying, digitising and accelerating the entire insurance claims process.

Claider’s simple Tap & Claim and Click & Report processes help policyholders and claims handlers complete, manage and submit fully digital, detailed claims.

Our service optimises and accelerates your work as a loss adjuster by digitising the entire process from claim to closure, so you receive more than 60% of your report immediately but with much less paperwork.

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Switching to Claider is advantageous for all loss adjuster’s who aim at optimising their operations. Here’s why:


You no longer have to go to the customer and can avoid petty delays and inconveniences


Manage everything remotely from your office. Cutting out the long journeys means you can reduce your loss adjusting turnover time

No hidden cost

A SAAS service with monthly payments

Detailed claims

Receive 60% of a complete report based on specific digital data

Direct management

Manage claim follow-ups directly with the policyholder and request additional photos and documents

Learn what you clients wants

In the app, organise your appointments directly with the policyholder who requests a video appraisal

The Claider Solution

Out with the paper claims, in with the digital.

for your Insured

Tap & Claim

for You

Web platform with data integration into your existing management systems

 App features

Here’s how the digital claims app works

For any type of claim and in real-time

Remote evaluation of damages via the in-app video appraisal function

Available anywhere, anytime

Direct instant messaging between you, the intermediary and the insured

Completes the best possible claim (more than 60% of the loss adjuster’s report)

Allows changes to data in real-time

Video appraisal request

Platform features

Digitally optimise your business

Receive digital claims with reliable and detailed data

Digital archive with immediate access to data

Digital archive immediately available data

Efficiently organise appraisal request

Creates an interactive accident map with statistical analysis

Carry out and record remote video damage appraisals

It connects directly to your management system with API

Direct messaging in real-time with the insured customer and the intermediary

Manage the follow-up of claims and request further documents and photos

One single tool to connect all those involved in the claims process

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