30 March 2020 /

The first Bull Brokers – Claider partnership

The well-established broker firm has chosen Claider for the digitalisation of motor policies.


The partner – Bull Insurance Brokers was born in 2014, from a team of entrepreneurs and insurance professionals. Each member made an essential contribution to the formation of a specialised network of consultants and the creation of a highly automized Risk Management system.

The request – Digitise claims management for motor policies.

The goal – Allowing the adoption of the digital platform to control every aspect of customer service, which provides a complete cycle: from the policy to the management of claims to the communication of initiatives to the updating of protocols and products. The primary objective is to provide private customers and small to medium-sized enterprises with simple and effective digitalised service.

Why Claider? – One of the top brokers and the director Marco Colferai, wanted a tech solution from a proprietary company to optimise the operations of its partners

The solution – Bull Broker uses a SHARE * management system. This has favoured the bi-directional exchange of data between management systems to move smoothly to the digital management of claims.

Digital Claim means sharing ideas!


* SHARE is an Association Software House Insurance Networks, our partner


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