28 April 2020 /

The new partnership S.A.-CEBI – Claider

The enterprising brokers chose us for the digitalisation of group building policies.


The partners

SA-CEBI founded in 2000 by CEBI srl with the acquisition of two historical intermediation companies and became independent in 2005. It’s a small company of generalist brokers with areas of specialisation, such as the construction, marine and the management of service policies, in particular Global Buildings.

The request

Digitise the management of claims for group building policies, starting from the claim report which often proves to be fragmented and incomplete, making the preparation of the claims report slow and expensive when forwarded to the Company’s experts.

The goal

Having a specialised, completely digital, claims management system that automatically feeds through the clients completed claims report. (Ensuring the visibility to the administrator of the claim, allowing them to have an up to date picture of the open claim and its various stages). The candidate had to be robust, able to reduce the delivery of manual documents drastically.

Why Claider?

Because it offers a proprietary system capable of interconnecting with other software that makes up the digital ecosystem for the operation of an independent intermediary. The robustness of the solution, the comprehensiveness and the ability to manage claims in all lines of insurance. The proposal of a native digital system represents other pluses that have made Claider perfect for our needs.

The solution

SA-CEBI uses a management SHARE *, which makes it possible for bidirectional interconnection flow between the two application, avoiding, delays in updating the databases and incorrect uploads.

The digital slogan is sharing ideas!

* SHARE, Association Software House Insurance Networks is aimed at the realisation of standardising communication between the software used by the entire Insurance Industry.

Do you want more information on SA-CEBI, our partner? Take a look at their website:


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