27 May 2020 /

The new partnership with CSA Insurance Broker

The compilation of Digital accident statements directly at the location of the accident is one of the reasons that attracted the dynamic brokers to the platform.


The partners

CSA BROKER arises primarily from the idea of Demetrio Gironde, brokers, and Sarlo Nuncio agent, converging on the same conception of brokers: quality advice to the customer and sustainability for principals and operators.

The request

Digitise claims management and be as close as possible to the insured when they need it most: the claim.

The goal

The adoption of a digital app to optimises service for the insured, eliminating confusion and time-wasting. This ultimately achieves the objectives of the broker which is reducing the time for payment of compensation.

Why Claider?

The choice of Claider took place after shared experience in ACB which made it possible to verify Claider’s strengths.

The solution

Software that speeds up the claims management process by ensuring that the data and the photos are of the same legal value of the paper document in the event of litigation as well as the correct use of the European accident statement.

The digital slogan is sharing ideas!

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